Monday, April 16, 2012

Autumn Retreat

I have spent the best part of the day getting back into the routine cleaning,washing ,cooking sorting my scrappy area and putting my photos into folders.As well as dealing with a rowdy and grumpy 13yearold lol... Both Jack and his buddy were still giving zzzzzz'ds at 12pm how times change and oh so quickly.... We are all having a few issues with the changes in Jacks persona I do believe though that all will be well Jack and I HAD A HEART TO HEART this evening and lets just say its a work in progress and I think and hope the penny will drop real soon starting with new ground rules. Anyway the WEEKEND..... Very enjoyable road trip with the lovley Annelie and Beverley gorgeous weather all the way.Arrived at DeBretts hotsprings resort and met up with Sue Smith and her daughter Emma the 5 of us had a wonderful evening dinning at a gorgeous Bistro.
The view from the front of our unit and my nest . Friday we arrived at the retreat found our table and settled in lots of familiar faces and new ones after lunch I had my first class with Piradee.I will get round to uploading my layouts in my next post.
This is the first class 2 beautiful layouts
My second class for the day was the cutest mini album half dressed meaning keeping half the chipboard natural and lots of yummie bits and bobs very enjoyable Piradee is an amazing tutor.. The whole weekend is very well put together Lucy and Nic along with their crew do a fantastic job I had a really fabulous time. Wonderful company great roomie (Sharon) who could ask for more possibly sleep lol.


Brenda said...

Oiiieeee So pleased you had a fab time.. Love the photo's and btw you are looking great Hun..

topkatnz said...

Wow, look at all that hair on you:) glad to hear you had a fab time away and looking forward to seeing your creations. Best of luck with Jack.xx

mandyb said...

cute write up and love all the layouts you got done!!

but ummm ummmm where is the pic of the most fantastic person you met there....ME!!!!!!!!!