Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tonic Studio Memory Book Dies Set 2

Not the best video one handed while holding my phone .
This was one of my first attempts at constructing a memory book album my apologies for the quality of the filming I’m learning how to navigate again after quite a few years .....

Its been a while "..................

Where to start..
I think to start with my reasons for no longer scrapbooking had a lot to do with Jack heading full blast into the world of surly teenager hood.
 I swear the body snatchers came, in reality it’s hormones tough few years I’ll tell you but we all survived and a wonderful amazing young man has emerged now 20 years old .Jack recently spent a long weekend on the Goldcoast with his birth family Bailey his now 13 year old brother is a carbon copy Nic I feel for you but as you can see there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Jack was quick to point out on his return mum he’s just a teenager it’s tough and genetics he’ll be ok in a few years 🙄🙄😆..
Anyway  although I don’t scrapbook layouts anymore I do still craft .For the last 4 to 5 years or so I’ve dabbled in mixed media , card and album making and discovered about 8 months ago Tonic Studio . A UK based company that put out a monthly kit of  amazing goodies .
Prior to finding Tonic I had been getting the odd HeroArts and SimomSays kits there good but for value and content Tonic come in at No 1 .
I’ll be sharing some of my cards and albums and kits  in future posts and hopefully reconnecting with far flung friends and fellow bloggers .
Bye for now ❤️

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alittle bit of scrappyness

Finally managed to get a few projects done have'nt been feeling in the mood much lately .Also thinking about giving up on the kits or changing my sub to PL kit what to do....
On the home front life has been pretty good had a great girly sleepover with 3 gorgeous girls last weekend at Phia . Next weekend Grant and I have a night booked in town for our Wedding Anniversary really looking forward to a bit of luxury....
My brother and nephew are coming over from the States next month just ordered a bed sofa from Harvey Norman.Work is ok Jack doing well with his guitar lessons school a bit so so had a meeting with the Senco lady yesterday and have decided to have Jack re assessed sooner mainly due to how his main core subject teachers perceive Jacks learning abilities he is struggling a bit and we can see the tension mounting in him and from their feedback they don't get him at all SO ...... I must add that Sarah (senco) will be having a meeting with them and hopefully I can get them to communicate better with me as to homework assignments and stuff that way we are all on the same page  ..
So that's about it really off to work seeya

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Up date on this is me album

A few more pages so far I have covered childhood ,mum and dad on this page I used a paper bag to hold my journaling.. Having a few health issues at the moment so decided to pop that in ... Today I have covered my career and where I work and with whom.
Just wondering were to now do I cover our infertility and adoption or leave it out ????
Will have to have a think on that one..

Friday, April 5, 2013

do you ever take on line classes

Recently I have bought some classes on line at Studio Calico they have  been great value for money each and every one .I have just started the class for April (This is me) . Along with cut files and printable each contributor has put together a PDF showing techniques, how they put their albums together and insight into how they decided what to include . The aim is for you to take it any direction you wish past present and future your likes, dislikes and regrets..
Putting the album together has been really exciting figuring out in which direction I want to focus on is another thing all together .I have a huge list of subjects I may want to cover its just a case of grouping them together and sorting them into a sequence.
This is my album and the two pages I have completed still need there story ..

 Kraft card stock and a mask I have had for an age paint dauber and Mr Huey shine

 I had a play with modeling paste today really need to watch some videos  but had fun..
My pages and I"ll make up more as I go along with some pockets for tags I intend to use some PL cards and tags for journaling..

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Life

Its 7.30am Sunday morning my boys have just left for a days fishing ....
I have the whole day to myself and guess what I 've been up since 3am feeling grosse started yesterday with a prickly throat so not  fair I had big plans for today and it didn't include sitting on the sofa with a box of tissues neurofen and a lemon drink ......Anyway I have some pages from my PL to share and may even do a flu day page lol ...

Anyway I have some pages from my PL to share and may even do a flu day page lol ...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Scrapfest Blog Hop............

Hi Ladies,
I had every intention of posting something on here for you to look at well......
after work guitar practice ,dinner ,washing , progect runway didn't happen so here I am with just a promise to post again when I get home from work today.
Please enjoy my previous posts thankfully I am slightly current...
Now after you have had a little look around  your next stop is.
over at PaperVine
Thanks for visiting enjoy the hop..