Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Up date on this is me album

A few more pages so far I have covered childhood ,mum and dad on this page I used a paper bag to hold my journaling.. Having a few health issues at the moment so decided to pop that in ... Today I have covered my career and where I work and with whom.
Just wondering were to now do I cover our infertility and adoption or leave it out ????
Will have to have a think on that one..


topkatnz said...

Wahoo for being up to date - feels good huh? Infertility/adoption? Depends who the intended audience for the album is I guess...

Trace said...

It's looking great Jane - I agree with Heidi, if the albums just for you, then this is/was a big part of your life...however if you are sharing it with others who you may not want to know about that part of your life then that's a different story.