Monday, November 30, 2009

Rotorua is such an awesome place to spend the weekend.We all had a fantastic time.The boys enjoyed the bowling although the lane conditions were not to their liking it proved to be the same for most of the people competing .Overall it was a great experience and though neither got to the final they both did very well.
Jack got to go to the park and see the thermal activity he loves the boiling mud.
I got to catch up with a lovely friend and Grant got to relax its been one great weekend one to remember for a long time to come..with plenty of talk on moving down to Rotorua we will have to wait and see........

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Niella said...

Hi-i-i my darling Jane:)
I have had fun catching up on your blog! You have been so supa crafty and your stuff is so eye catching:) Giggles, love your photos! Always so fun.

xoxoxox N.