Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Alittle bit of scrappyness

Finally managed to get a few projects done have'nt been feeling in the mood much lately .Also thinking about giving up on the kits or changing my sub to PL kit what to do....
On the home front life has been pretty good had a great girly sleepover with 3 gorgeous girls last weekend at Phia . Next weekend Grant and I have a night booked in town for our Wedding Anniversary really looking forward to a bit of luxury....
My brother and nephew are coming over from the States next month just ordered a bed sofa from Harvey Norman.Work is ok Jack doing well with his guitar lessons school a bit so so had a meeting with the Senco lady yesterday and have decided to have Jack re assessed sooner mainly due to how his main core subject teachers perceive Jacks learning abilities he is struggling a bit and we can see the tension mounting in him and from their feedback they don't get him at all SO ...... I must add that Sarah (senco) will be having a meeting with them and hopefully I can get them to communicate better with me as to homework assignments and stuff that way we are all on the same page  ..
So that's about it really off to work seeya


  1. Plenty on your plate then Jane, no wonder you haven't been in mood for much in the way of scrapping. Love what you have done though and glad to hear you had a weekend away, and another one coming up...and then August will be here before we know it (well at least that's what I'm telling myself lol).

  2. Fab creativity as usual. Your anniversary weekend away sounds lovely - hope it is perfect for you. Hope you get a new plan in place for Jack shortly. Best of luck and big hugs.

  3. Sounds like you need an extra few hours in your days Jane. Have a wonderful anniversary weekend and hope you get some results for Jack. All the best and looking forward to seeing you in August. ;)

  4. Love your LO's. Bring on August thats all i can say. Cant wait to see you, we will have a fabulous weekend. Hope you get good results for your Jack. Congrats on your anniversary too. xx