Sunday, February 24, 2013

PL I have started

Here goes Its not the begining still waiting for New year pics to be sent to me so I started with Jan 2nd .
I can do the others and a title page later..
I decided to use the SC handbook and am now wondering if that was such a good idea ,I think it will work out as I wont be documenting everyday stuff that much .
Thank you to all the girls on FB for the invite will be adding my attempts there too..
I recently took part in a swap at SC and my partner sent me lots of PL cards Becky Higgins so I have more than enough to keep me going for a now.I was on the wait list for the PL kit but changed my mind I may just try and pick up the odd one . Its amazing when you go through your stash just how much you can use...

So here are my first pages.... I also discovered nearly all my photos are landscape!!!! hence a few of them have been put together its all a learning process I really need to get another printer ..


Vicki said...

Looks great Jane. I think that the landscape/portrait thing is one of the first things you take note of when starting PL. Keep going. LOL

Trace said...

Great idea to use a smaller format. LOL on the landscape vs portrait thing, like Vicki said, you really start to notice how you tend to take photos all one way or the other when you do PL.

Brenda said...

Loving what you are doing here. looks Great Hun.

mandyb said...

wahooooooooooo i love it!!
go you!!!