Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Up date

Like a few of our friends we have had a visit from the dreaded late summer cold virus first Grant then Jack finally myself..Not as bad as Jack poor love missed out on celebrating his 13th birthday last Sunday its on hold for the 18th..Paintball out at Woodhill forest they are going to love it s hope like heck the weather is fine.
Both Jack and I will head back to school and work tomorrow.Colds are such a pain I was just about back into my routine at the gym and missed Mums birthday on Monday your not aloud anywhere near the rest home with germs.
On the scrappy front I have been slowly getting back into it.I will need to get a new printer but its way down the list I do need to load my back up hard drive onto this L top so I can at least access my photos.I did get around to putting all the photos on my card onto disk here are a few from this summer..


topkatnz said...

Get well soon guys:) hugs Hx

Brenda said...

Awesome photos Jane. Sad you missed your mum's birthday you would of been gutted. I hope the 18th dawns sunny and bright and you have a fab day..xx