Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whats going on.....

Its been an age since I actually posted any news,to be honest there has not been much happening, but as the festive season approaches I thought I would add a little post.
Jack has started playing cricket and last week got 2 wickets in his first over with his first 2 balls and feilded really well and was given player of the day.This week they played the premier team and alas lost but came close.
I have turned into a gym junkie and am so enjoying the classes gave up weighing myself just trying to eat good things and get at least 4 classes a week in..At the moment I am watching Martha Stuart making cheesecakes torture I love cheesecake....
On to Lists I have recently visited Vicki Parker's Blog and Vicki is so on the ball with her lists Who else makes lists??????
I have to just to make sure I get through the things that need to be done christmas wise..
pressie list
card list
food list for christmas and the 3 weeks we are at the beach..
I love to make my own cards I have 4 done so far I love making gift boxes too I have decided this year to give all the kids a gift card or voucher and add a little somthing in the box.
I have bought the fruit for my cakes and sugar for my shortbread its going to be fun the hardest thing is deciding what to get Grant this year..For me the biggest challenge is getting a good 2/3 of christmas bar the food done before the 13th then its Salon time one day off the 18th and its already getting busy booking wise.
Its going to be full on no time for a december daily but I have decided to do a holiay journal maybe with a smash book I am hoping santa might bring me an instragarm camera dont know wether I have spelt that right :)


Anonymous said...

Aww Jane you are even more organised than you let on. LOL. I have no ideas for Andrew either but thats normal. Have been looking at those Instagram cameras - pretty cool. Well done Jack on the cricket.

Brenda said...

I agree with Vicki you sound very organised Jane..Sometimes having a List is the only way I get "stuff" done..Good on you Jack "Player of the day" that's just awesome!!