Friday, July 22, 2011

Couple of layouts

The minuet I sit down to blog I get a mental block my brain goes blah blah lol.Here goes firstly some scrappy stuff FUN DAY is for a sketch challenge at Studio Calico using the Papermoon Kit, then at last some of the photos from Autumn Escape using SC Mindgap kit see I have gone blah again I cant remember how many I downloaded........what a sorry mess..I know the lovely canvas I did at Senz is there oh well another layout me thinks and then a glorious photo of my MAN CHILD..... He has the mind of a 12yrld the body of a prop forward and the face of an angel isn't he just gorgeous .....He had just had a shower the smell of Lynx filled the house!!!!! his hair is so wavy when its wet and he had decided to wear his clothes back to front that day the 12 yr old popping through I had to take a photo catch the moment while trying not to interfer with his viewing, Harry Potter marathon..
Later we went out for Sushi and to do some banking he walked 4 paces behind me keeping up but not actually with me we past a group of lads and one lets out JACK YO MY MAN I glanced back and they had bumped chest's shook hands glanced at me nodded and parted company I carried on laughing to myself .....Its started he's growing up and its not cool to walk with your mother I can deal with that when we got back to the car I got a big hug he is so cool a little resurance goes a long way for this mum...

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Brenda said...

Awesome LO's Jane.. Very cool pics of Jack too. Aww how sweet, Hugs can mean so much. Good on you Jack, you are awesome!!