Friday, April 22, 2011

Computer Issues

Hi I am having some series computer malfunctions at the moment my main computer with all my contacts and photos has died ....I do have all the contents on a backup hard drive so at least once I get another I can restore all my files...ITS LIKE LOSING MY BEST FRIEND :(...
We have this laptop very old but I managed to hook up to my wireless only bits work and some dont it will let me recieve emails but not send and I must admit to not being able to remember evryones email addy without my list so I am making contact through facebook via the messages and on top of that I left my cell phone at out friends place in Taupo and as yet have not heard back as to whether they know where it is........ I can't cope without my means of communication .I have been trying for days to get in here for some reason I could get on others blogs but not mine....weird..
I do have some great photos from Autumn Retreat and had a lovely time i was not prepared for the size and volume of ladies for some reason I had 50 to 60 in my head in actual fact its more like over 100..It did run very smoothly the accom and meals were out standing the company sparkling lol Annelie and Megan were my crop buddies and awesome company we had a few giggles....The Classes I really enjoyed I will say though that I think I overdosed on the Saturday by doing 3 back to back pretty much and by the time I got into the last one was pretty done in and found it hard to focus on what we were doing.Which was a shame as it was a very cool class .I did complete the album part and one set of pages and then retired to finish it at my leisure, its so gorgeous Rachel Tucker is one very clever and lovely lady..I did two of Becky Flecks classes and really enjoyed them the amount of product in the class kits was amazing and it was good to work with small photos I really liked the prima class with Nic a stunning double layout overall a fantastic experience all round .......I am still unable to get on to my blog page for some unknown reason internet explorer SAY'S NO..............If you can see this post could you let me know via facebook and I will try and get some photos up too.sigh weep


Nicki said...

Hope you get your phone and computer sorted soon! Lovely to meet you IRL - might do it again in Rotorua!!!

topkatnz said...

Bummer! it's so ridiculous how we get so attached to our technology! hope you get your best friend well soon!xx

Tricia Williams said...

Sounds like you had a great time Jane!!!
100 ladies gosh, I was thinking 60 too :O)
Can't wait to see the photos of the retreat and your creations. Bloody technology !! GoodLuck.

Steph, PaperCrafter's Corner said...

Hi Tilly - Just wanted to say thank you for putting PaperCrafter's Corner on your sidebar list!

- Susan