Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

Its getting close and I hope your all on target with your shopping and crafty gift making.
I thought I would post now as tomorrow is my last day off and to say I'm tired is an under statement my darling boy has just made me a coffee a new trick lol to get round mum man I love that kid ..
I have been making gift boxes and still have some xmas cards to send but on the whole I am getting there.Tomorrow is all mapped out first thing colour hair do 4 haircuts ,super market and then mother in-laws,make xmas cake washing and bed ta daaaa.. Roll on 3pm Friday .Sorry if I sound blah I am sort of over it already lol
I so wish we could just dissapear the 3 of us and just put the world on hold gee I am
Ok over myself a good nights kip will sort me out in the mean time all of you lovely people out there have a fantastic christmas and holidays......
ps will post some christmassy goodness tomorrow


Trace said...

Yep this time of the year must absolutley suck for hairdresser's. Was talking to mine yesterday and she owns the salon and it's in a little town so she was working till 7.30pm last night - that's a Saturday. Sucky. Won't be long chickee and you'll be in the caravan, feet up, something chilled in a glass and a book on your lap... If we don't 'talk' before then, have the most fabulous Christmas ever.

topkatnz said...

Hope you got that good nights sleep. Try to relax and enjoy the coming days - maybe you need to plan that 'escape' for the three of you for next year hmmmm?