Friday, June 11, 2010


Yes ladies my darling sweet [BIG] 11yr old has turned into a shouting surly emotional mini man.......
We have been put through the ringer this week..
Talk about being on an emotional roller coaster poor darling and its only just started as Jack is our one and only child we were some what taken back at the ferocity of his mood swings ,silent treatment, and total lack of compliance with anything.Its been a mission just to get him to school.
Last night he came home from school and told me they had had a puberty talk at school and its TESTOSTERONEmum not me I'm loaded with it lol that's why I'm being like this....I had to suppress a smile the look of relief on his face, so its not me mum do you think dad will let me have my PS3 back????????
HUM no not just yet quite a few house hold rules flew out the door this week we are slowly getting back on track last night being the first without a slanging match before bed.....And from the look of his understanding of the questions on his puberty quiz we are going to have to have a cosy little chat I will give him his due he had a lot more idea then I thought .Some of the questions though I find a little bit hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. All part of them growing up and perhaps I am being naive in thinking that he is too young, at least to the question of New thoughts about girls accompany physical changes at puberty he answered DON'T KNOW.... AT LEAST FOR NOW ... I AM OFF TO THE library A FEW BOOKS its that time .... Birds and the Bees


Vicki said...

Hmmm that testosterone has a lot to answer for. As for the birds and bees mentioned it to my son the other day and he put his fingers in his ears and just went la la la. Bit of a worry really especially with what he comes home from high school with. Mind you he knew more than I gave him credit for. LOL

topkatnz said...

testosterone...yeah right! being a girl myself; and with having an older sister, Mitchell has always had a fairly clear directive that his lot is NOTHING in comparison, and don't try telling me otherwise! Keep that PS3 in hiding!
But yes, you probably should've had 'the talk' with him ages back - kids know a lot more than we think. Good luck - remember this is gonna be more embarrassing for you than him!LOL

Tricia Williams said...

LOL - Your post made me smile Jane. I'm glad Noah is only 4!!
BOYS, TESTOSTERONE what a interest life we lend. ps
We wouldn't have it any other way :O)

Anonymous said...

Ohhh been there...I remeber when my boys hit that stage...son number 2 cruised through it but son number 1!!! I didnt think either of us were going to survive it, he went from a sweet loving boy to an obnoxious horrible preteen over night. but on the bright side...hes now 21 and totally lovable!
good luck with your young man...its not an easy road ahead but it does get better