Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where to start
Thank you for all your birthday wishes I managed to reach 50 unscathed lol and actually enjoyed it.Just the right amount of celebration,my Pandora bracelet is a lot heavier loved all the lovely charms I was given they are very special..
At the moment Jack and I are both snuffly and at home ,I will go back to work tomorrow but he will have another day home.
I have been creative BUT can't show it just yet and then you may have to pay a visit to SBO and that's a good thing as there will be loads of great things going on from the 1st of June......:) See you there..
I have been fairly inactive all weekend except for the usual house duties (cleaning)
I have been reading the Sookie Stackhouse series of books from the TV series TRUE BLOOD a few I have taken out at the library but they are so popular the waiting lists have got ridiculous and I got impatient.I managed to find them at the warehouse yah so that's me this arvo reading vamp stories and possibly doing a little baking.Have a good week and I will be back later in the week..


topkatnz said...

are the books better than the TVseries??????? get well soon you poor decrepit old thing!:)

Mrs Frizz said...

congrats on the DT position ... go you !!!

and trust those snuffles have left your house now!!!