Sunday, May 9, 2010

Check out this blog for all you Auckland crafters and any visiting auckland.
I am dying to go along to one but so far they all fall on the Saturday I work.... As I am usless at links this will not link you to site (SORRY) IF ANYONE WHO HAS A BLOGSPOT BLOG could pass on the know how I would be forever thankful..

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Neen and Mike said...

OK so when you are writing your post in that big box on the top of the box there is a little icon that looks like 2 links of chain... firstly write the name of what you wanna link to so in your post above it'd be Crafternoon Tea... after highlighting it click on the chain icon and a little box with come up. type or paste the website address ie in that bo and click Ok. Carry on as normal and publish your post. :)