Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have been busy making Christmas cards lately and a couple of Christmas decorations mainly for a great challenge on over at SBO (scrapbook outlets)

Sad news this week with Sketch book closing down this weekend its been a fantastic place to go and chat with like minded crafty folk. Apart from working and having a sick boy to look after life has been pretty quite at the moment , next weekend we are away for a couple of days both my men are entered in the next National Bowling Tournament in RotaVegas .

I hope to visit a friend and have a little shop!!:).jacks keen to see the Geysers and bubbling mud and Grant wants to visit Wingspan its going to be busy....................

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Trace said...

Gee I wonder who you'll be visiting in Rotorua then ROFL!! And why not I say! Love the card and decoration, very very cool.