Friday, August 14, 2009

I have been doing plenty of surfing lately, I have about 4 forums I visit and take part in the challenges from time to time.These are two layouts I completed last week for a couple of the challenges and I have been doing a little off the page work too.
I took part in a ZODIAC ATC swap at Scrapbook designs and the cards are just amazing .I have attached mine to a canvas Im not sure I have them in the correct order though can anyone shed any light on that for me .Once I have them in the correct sequence I will load it for you all to see.
Its been a very dreary day today and I could do with a rocket to get my motovation moving do you get days like that ??. I feel like I'M MOVING IN SLOW MOTION REALLY WEIRD !! am I on anything well now you mention it just an antibiotic I could sleep for a week..
I will hopefully get creative after dinner.

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Tricia Williams said...

Really love both these layouts Jane :O) Well Done, Your style/techniques is really comming together. These two would be some of my favourites!!

Look forward to seeing the ATC too!