Friday, July 10, 2009

Delivering Lonesome to her new home was not the easiest thing to do . Dave the Rooster was a mean little devil gave her a good old pinch she did put him in his place but stuck to us like glue and sat on Jacks knee most of the time I hope like heck she doesn't wander off as its all bush at her new home , and part of me wants to get back there and whisk her away I feel quite awful like I have abandoned her its really sad .It didn't help having Jack cry all the way home he broke his heart poor darling.I will be on the phone tomorrow to make sure she's OK.

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Trace said...

Oh dear Jane - it's so hard - but remember you've done it for all the best reasons (doesn't make it any easier though does it?) - hopefully it's just 'teething' troubles and they'll soon sort themselves out.