Sunday, June 7, 2009

I had a wonderful time this evening with Jack we had dinner[burgerking!!!] only the best you know lol and then Night at the Museum 2 great movie lots of laughs worth while seeing.
Jacks Rugby team won 47 to 15 and so far Grant has caught 1 Snapper and is enjoying his fishing trip.
Tomorrow Jack and I are going to finish his school project and then I am going to finish my tags for Scrap Camp later this month and possibly put some kits together to take away.
Thankyou Trace and Lara for paying me a visit hope you'll call in again.

I must add that I had 3 awesome fun quirky kits arrive today from Neens The Little Things you can find them on Neens Blog.
Very very cool and fantastic value Thanks Neen I am going to play tomorrow and will bob up an example when I'm done....
Goodnight sleep tight..


Esther said...

So glad you and Jack had a great night out! Have fun playing today, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Trace said...

Yum gotta love BK! Aren't Neen's kit's just great - I've got a few, must get into playing with them! Go Jack on the rugby. So is it snapper for tea tonight then?

Tricia Williams said...

Glad you enjoyed the movie, Im looking forward to the second.

What kits from Neen's did you get as Ive been looking at these for a while!!

Darren and Noah are out fishing at the moment, i don't however think we will be having snapper!! enjoy your week Jane.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane and welcome to blogland!
Sounds like you had a really nice night out with your boy!

Looking forward to seeing what you create with the talented Neen's kits! :-)


Penny said...

welcome to the blogosphere Tilly!